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 2023 sponsors

We are incredibly thankful for all of our Sponsors who support us.  It is because of our Sponsors that we are able to better support our Community. So, thank you for being an invaluable part of CCH!

Annual sustaining sponsor

Letty's on Shamrock

Whether it’s their yummy pimento cheese burger for lunch, their tasty honey pecan chicken or creole shrimp for dinner, their salmon cakes or egg scramble for brunch, or any of our scrumptious dishes — you’ll enjoy your meals in a friendly, comfortable setting.

2121 Shamrock Drive



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With Beverly's knowledge, skill set and dedication to client service; you will be in excellent hands whether you are buying, selling or looking to invest. Give Beverly a call today.

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band sponsor


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Friends of the neighborhood

Amy & Ron Melody

Kurtis andree

Starmount Healthcare

Four dogs pet supplies

Lang Van

Sue Peck

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